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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Couldn't ask for more...

So, after being up for 3 hours in the middle of the night with my little one you would think it would be the start to a bad day. Turned out to be just the opposite :) Got Eddie on the bus and did a few chores around the house and decided it was too nice to be inside. So, Emily and Kenny set off on our walk. I got them all set in the stroller and headed to the road and realized I forgot my camera..ohh well I thought. So, off we went. We went on our normal route not far from the house and I decided I really should have brought it. I told Emily we would go back and get it and go back out again because Mama wants to take pictures. I was so glad I did. I got a few great shots.

This is the road we walk down.

Flowers on the beautiful trees..the bee was an added bonus I didn't even realize he was there until after the fact :)

After our walk I had to take Emma to pre-school registration. She will be going full day next year and she can't wait. She got to meet some of the kids in her class. While she was there Eddies teacher decided rather than me coming back later for conference I should stay and have it then. I am so glad I did I got some great news. She told me he was a top reader in his class (he is in kindergarten). I was so happy to hear that! She also told me he is the picture of what a 5 year old should be..he is very well behaved at school. He did great in all areas but one......ready for this....he can't skip still...hahaha. I finally after hearing this last year and all of this year had to ask if the gym teacher teaches them to skip. She said she wasn't sure I told her well, my husband and I don't skip through the yard at home so if they want him to learn well they better teach him..haha. I am not sure why it is such a concern. Ohh well he will get the hang of it one of these days.

So, what a great day the Lord has blessed me with, beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and happy kids!
Loving Life

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  1. Hi Bre!
    I didn't know you had a blog! It's so beautiful, I love your pictures!!! Keep it up!