Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Me I Think I Should Be

Everyone has an image of the person you want to be. However, it isn't the way it always ends up. I have a few people who inspire me.

I think I would want to be like Betty Crocker. I can't imagine her husband ever complaining about a meal. When I got married I didn't have a clue as to how to cook a meal. I could make somethings but not much. Needless to say my husband (Ed) did the cooking for a while. Then two things happened, I watched the food network and Ed bought me my first Betty Crocker cookbook. I learned a lot watching Rachel Ray, Paula and Giada cook. I even had a notebook I would write tips from shows down in, which was very helpful. So, almost 7 years later I can finally cook a good meal. I even had Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year, I of coarse had some help from others.

The next person who inspires me is the Pastor at our Church. Not just because of his sermons he preaches but, he is an amazing photographer. I have always LOVED taking pictures. I always felt that was a great way to hold on to memories. I could spend hours looking back at old pictures and remembering things. Growing up I never had a good camera, it was always disposable ones. Before my oldest son was born my husband bought a digital camera and I went crazy!!! I took pictures of everything and when he was born I most likely took 25-50 pictures a day of him. But, it wasn't until we started going to church and I saw the AMAZING pictures my Pastor took that I thought, wow I would LOVE to take pictures like that! So, since then we have upgraded to a much better camera and I am learning. At this time in my life I don't have a lot of time to spend taking pictures of things other than my babies. But, one day I will!

The last person I want to be most like doesn't exsist, at least I haven't met her. She is the one who has the perfectly kept house (no matter when you stop by), laundry always folded and put away in a timely manner, wakes up early and cooks a big breakfast before the husband goes to work and children go to school, makes the beds everyday not just once a week when the sheets get changed and dinner is a well thought out meal with the good dishes. If anyone has met her I would love to meet her! I know I can't always do these things no matter how hard I try sometimes. Maybe once all my kids are in school or they are grow up and moved out. But for now I am going to enjoy my kids and their messes, our unmade beds, and our dinner on the everyday dishes. 

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